Startup Vertical Mass Aims to Help Celebrities, Brands Reach Their Fans

A relatively new startup says it can help celebrities and brands better understand who their most passionate fans are and where to find them online.

The company, Vertical Mass, is set to publicly launch a technology platform, known as Identity, that aggregates data on entertainment and sports fans across social media, websites, mobile apps, e-commerce sites and content streaming services.

Vertical Mass works with more than 300 talent clients that include actors, athletes, musicians and social media influencers and a handful of enterprise partners in the space such as movie studios, sports teams and record labels to pull in and manage audience data. Among its clients are six Procter & Gamble brands, film studios Universal Pictures and Warner Bros., and Footlocker.

“Our job is to bring these very specific and highly valuable sports, music and entertainment audiences to the forefront for the companies and the brands who look to reach those specific audiences with their marketing or their content,” said CEO Mark Shedletsky.

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